Oceanic assumes corporate responsibility towards employees, clients and all other stakeholders in its true sense and spirit. Thus our business practices are based on accords like responsibility, commitment, business ethics and transparency. While executing business operations across continents, our corporate compliance envisages

–     Adherence to Laws for Competition

–     Adherence to  International Marine Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery Laws

–     Anti-Cybercrime Regime

–     Adherence to Rules, Legislation and Regulations that govern shipping industry operations, pertinently followed in each region

–     Adherence to the applicable International / National Trade Laws/Regulations.

–     Adherence to all applicable Industry Standards and Codes of Practices

–     Environmental protection

–     Labour Practices: Protection of Employee’s Rights, Anti – harassment Policy, Health and Safety at Work Place.

–     Practice of Ethical Codes of Conduct and Behavior within the Organization

–     Data handling and Protection of Personal Information

–     Assets Multiplication and Management Supporting Economic Growth

–     Protection of Intellectual Property and Use of Copy-Right Materials.